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Operations and Functions

Services rendered by the Board as a public entity

The Board is charged with receiving and investigating applications for licences pertaining to the various sectors of the gambling and betting industries in the Province, considering licence applications and exercising regulatory authority over the conduct of gambling and betting operations by all entities and persons licensed by it. As such, the Board renders services to the province, the gambling industry and the public, by ensuring:-

  • Through probity investigations, that only appropriate persons, who meet the applicable legal requirements, are licensed to participate in the industry
  • Through ongoing oversight over the licensed industry, that licensed operations take place in accordance with the prescribed requirements and procedures and operate fairly towards the public
  • Through the imposition of licence conditions, that licence holders comply with the undertakings made in their bids or other requirements stipulated by the Board and conduct their activities in a socially responsible manner
  • Through ongoing research, that the legal framework within which the Board operates keeps pace with developments on technological and other levels
  • Through enforcement of the law, that illegal gambling activities are detected and prosecuted
  • Through consistent and thorough regulation, that the industry functions in a stable and credible environment
  • Through regular and detailed compliance audits, that any instances of non-compliance by licence holders are detected and appropriately addressed
  • Through regular and comprehensive financial audits, those due to the provincial fiscus are accurately calculated and timeously paid; and
  • Through the attendance at both national and international conferences and industry related events, together with the internal training programmes in respect of such attendance, that the Board is kept abreast of the latest development in the industry.

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